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Yes. It's not great I'm tired, bored and I just want the misery of this mega long fic to end.
I'm really not cut out for big series :( I think I will stick to short stories..
I ramble too much.

Im rambling now...

*shrugs* sorry folks.. Enjoy I s'pose *sits in a dark corner*
3 days in the mindcrack camp scene the last part. They had spent it organizing the fight as well as collects resources and making armor for everyone.


Guude sighed as he woke up, still half asleep with Jasano, they didn't talk. Neither felt like they could say anything. Not today.
Guude single toy looked out the window, it was early morning, the mist had settled around the camp giving it an eerie feel, hints of yellow and gold barely reaching through the tree's. Jasano silently patted him on the back as he passed by him, walking towards the door and outside towards the fire in the center, Guude watched as his friend dressed in shining iron armor put on his helmet as he waved a morning greeting to Avidia and Mykol who had also woken early.

"Three days hmm..? Do you think you guys have enough...?” A voice asked quietly behind him, as creaking of a bed could be heard as well as the rustling of covers, Guude turned to a half-naked Bdoubleo who was also glancing out the window, his face a I true picture of panic and fear. He assumed he had been faking sleep until Jasano left; no one had been sleeping well.

"We are as good as we will ever be...” Guude sighed “we can’t wait for full diamond. Generik will have too much power. I'm worried he probably have given him too LNG already." Bdubs nodded silently his face solemn as he looked to his partner who couldn't stand it, Guude turned towards the window again, feeling the panic rising in his chest, he couldn't let Bdoubleo see him like this, and no one could. He had to lead... "The extra diamonds we had we made into armor for the main combat guys. Zisteau, anderz... Btc." Guude shrugged trying to act as natural as possible he could feel the growing tension in the air; he knew he was failing dramatically.

Bdubs only nodded silently as he watched his friend, he was worried. Guude shook his head as he turned and explained he had to leave to meet the others for a briefing. Bdubs only silently nodded taking in only half of what Guude had said barely even feeling the kiss he had planted on his cheek before he had left.


Guude waved as he began to see the formation of the large group by the fire, Zisteau had trailed in barely in time, as well as Pause who was still looking half asleep, grinning gratefully as Beef handed him some hot chocolate he and Kurt had managed to make with some cocoa beans found in dungeons as well as some milk from a few cows that wandered nearby. As they weren't going to be much use fighting they wanted to help the others, if it meant waking them up for an early start and sorting bags... So be it.
Guude began to talk with Zisteau and anderz by each side adding small snippets of detail and taking over to announce groups, there 'missions' targets and possible dangers.

All the while Kurt silently began placing the golden apples Beef was crafting at the side of the talk nervously not the packs for each member. He looked over a few times at Zisteau who was now confidently talking to his small group handing out swords to each member and explaining what their main role would be, Kurt could only silently be impressed as Beef chuckled giving him a small smile as Kurt turned blushing taking the next apple and continuing. With his work
"Beef... Where is Bdubs..?" Kurt asked quietly as the groups began to disperse as Pause and Etho Began talking together exchanging and examine bows before Pause motioned for Guude to come over as they all began silently discussing
"I'm not sure Kurt. He is probably still in Guude’s Cabin... I doubt he will want to see all this preparation if he can't join." Beef sighed explaining as Kurt nodded quietly understanding the logic. He watched as Guude gave a shock shaking of his head before Pause began begging about something... Kurt nudged Beef silently as hey both turned to watch as the group began wandering slowly towards the medical hut
"Millbee?" Beef said surprised, Pause had told him already after he had annoyed Guude enough into telling him. Kurt only nodded
"They are the bowmen... Only two seems small. Millbee isn't bad with a bow. If he does genuinely want forgiveness I think he would join,”
Beef only stood silently giving a concerned look as he watched Pause look around d before closing the medical hut door.


The sun had finally reached above the tree's groups were assembled by the far edge, all suited in shining iron armor; it all gave off a mysterious glow with the enchantments they had placed on them. MC was nervously fiddling with his sword as Nebris prodded him in the back making a dull clang each time making him wince, Millbee gave Nebris a hard look before giving mc a small smile, they were waiting on Zisteau, and Guude, both had left rather suddenly to check on stuff... Beef gave a low chuckle as he watched he group grow bored, he was surprised none of them could figure it out. Saying goodbye would take more than a few moments, he gave a small smile to Pause who winked back, he sighed remembering the night before he and Pause and stayed up all night talking, just generally enjoying being close to each other and alone. He could only assume Guude and Zisteau where in similar situations right now.

Beef had been right, Guude sighed as Bdoubleo gave a small pout trying with one last attempt to get in on the fight
"I'm not letting you guy. End of, now am I getting a goodbye kiss or what?" Guude sighed one eyebrow raised at his partner’s stubbornness "I need someone watching here too, we don't know if he will come here, if anything happens close by you get everyone and run... “Bdubs silently nodded still looking slightly annoyed as Guude sighed and put his arms around his partner giving him a small smile, he couldn't resist but to return it.
"I will... Be careful ok? And if its gets too bad just leave, better a few injuries and him still loose than anyone dying on us...” Bdubs mumbled as he pulled himself closed leaning his head on Guudes shoulder giving him a small squeeze

"I told Z and anderz the same thing, don't worry, just look out for you three." Guude sighed as he returned the hug feeling his heart break knowing he was leaving him alone. Bdubs only rolled his eyes
"Good luck ok? Stay safe." He mumbled as he gave Guude a deep passionate kiss that only left him breathless as they broke it slowly. He could feel himself growing red as Guude only started blankly grinning pulling Bdoubleo into a last hug holding his hand as they broke apart holding it for as long as he could. Refusing to look back at his partner Guude strode towards the group trying to look serious refusing to let him emotions overcome him, every step felt like he was tearing himself apart slowly. He caught a quick glance from Beef who only gave a small smile and raised his hand in acknowledgment. Looking towards the forest where Zisteau had now entered the group also looking slightly worried

He looked around the group everyone was hyped, full of energy ready to start moving as Kurt, Bdoubleo and Beef all stood by the fire waving as Guude led them off into the forest, Zisteau and anderz by his side Pause gave a last wink towards the group as he disappeared into the trees vanishing into the foliage to catch up as Beef only sighed and sat down quietly noting how pink Kurt was as he sat looking slightly dazed
"You ok Kurt?" Beef asked quietly as Bdoubleo slammed his door shut having walked off as soon as Pause disappeared. Kurt nodded silently as he tried to open his mouth to reply, he stopped before trying again
"I think I'm going to lie down. I don't feel great" Kurt mumbled as he got up and began walking towards his now empty cabin as Beef silently watched sighing

Kurt couldn't help it, he felt bad for leaving Beef on his loan some but he couldn't stand to be near anyone. He had tracked down Zisteau earlier and followed him into a clearing. He had confronted him about Vechs... Timidly he had to admit.
"Why are you so worried Kurt?" Zisteau asked looking slightly shocked "I have a history with him... It was silly though... He isn't the type for... Real relationships" Zisteau had admitted mumbling the last two words as Kurt relaxed slightly still shaking his head as he looked up towards Zisteau he was shocked to see a worried expression. As he asked what was wrong he only shook his head "Vechs still hasn't arrived... Guudes getting worried Generik got him. But... I worry about more things." Zisteau sighed as he sat on a log nearby watching Kurt as he cautiously sat on the ground preferring to lean on the log instead, he reached his hand up to join with Zisteaus who's was now on his shoulder. Quite surprised with him to do something without even realizing it.

"Vechs knows about us" Zisteau sighed simply watching as Kurt’s face contorted into confusion
"He... When we broke up... Well he knew I liked you... Now I assume he has realized I'm with you. I'm scared his evil side may have overcome him and he has left to work for Generik...” Kurt could only stare at Zisteau with an open mouth, his brain still trying to piece together everything "only Vechs could come up with some way to make a wither army and somehow command them...”

"I... But... Will you be ok, I mean... He won't kill you or something?" Zisteau only silently shrugged as he pushed himself off the log and landed with a thump on the ground as he wrapped his arms around the lanky wanderer "why are you telling me this Zisteau..?" Kurt asked feeling the tension creep into his voice as Zisteau only gave a small smile that showed him his assumptions had been correct

"I... I don't have a great feeling about this fight. I don't know what vech will do. But he won't want to hurt me. But... he might want to hurt you." Zisteau groaned as he felt the wanderer’s sharp intake of breath "I'm sorry Kurt. I shouldn't have brought you into this I was just selfish... I'm only telling you this so you know, if you see Vechs. Run. Anywhere but run. Stay with Beef and Bdoubleo he will only try if you’re alone." Zisteau began blurting out words quickly the worry now growing in his face as Kurt only shook his head. He turned to face Zisteau who was now watching him with intent trying to read his body language, see how he felt. He only gave a small smile and leaned up to give him a long gentle kiss

"I don't care... I... I liked you too. If we have to fight to stay together then so be it." Kurt blushed as he mumbled the words quietly as Zisteau only sat in shock to his words
"But. You might get hurt." Kurt shrugged

"It can't be worse than being alone..." His words stung Zisteau, was he always really so alone? Was he always so hurt? Even before now... He watched as the far lander fidgeted quietly. Zisteau pulled him into a hug
"I won't ever leave you alone. I promise... Be safe ok?"
"Should I be saying that to you?" Kurt asked teasing gently, blushing
Zisteau grinned as he pulled Kurt in for a loving kiss they sat for what felt like an eternity as they both broke apart feeling slightly breathless as Kurt nuzzled into his chest with a sad smile.

He hadn't said anything. Nothing. He couldn't get the words out. What if Zisteau did get hurt? What if he did leave him alone? What then...
Kurt paced in the small cabin as he felt tears running down his cheeks. Watching Zisteau walk off had been soul destroying, he couldn't help but feel he had disappointed Zisteau somehow.


"What's up z?" Pause asked quietly looking rather annoyed he had for the fifth time not laughed at his jokes. They were both trailing behind the group; Zisteau had offered to protect the rear while Pause being the main bowman who had a better long range shot had agreed also. Zisteau only glared at him for asking the same question again five times

"There is"
Zisteau glanced silently at a large bush ahead... I could. Always hide his body there... Zisteau thought bitterly
"Nothing Pause."

"C’mon. Tell me. You are having lover boy troubles?" Pause laughed slightly too loudly causing Zisteau to punch him in the arm as he glared around making sure no one heard. "Oooo it is! C’mon spill the beans"

Zisteau gave a dramatic sight as he glared again at the annoying native; his colorful headdress was waving happily as he practically skipped alongside his large steps. "I'm just worried about... The guys... Everyone back at camp." Zisteau lied slightly

"Kurt?" Pause asked grinning as Zisteau silently cursed him to thousands of years of ghasts, blazes and lava. "Kurt can hold his own Zisteau; you can't always be so protective. I'm worried about Beef, and I bet anything Guude is a single thread from crying and running back to Bdubs...” Pause joked lightly trying to calm his friend down who was now trying to act like he was being blatantly ignored

"I'm not overprotective." Zisteau spluttered angrily instantly regretting the words as Pause only looked back and gave him an 'I told you so' look "ok... Maybe I am... A little..." Pause raised an eyebrow "ok a lot." Zisteau sighed watching as Mykol, Avidia and MC began shouting jubilantly to a hard stare from Guude who was looking more nervous by the second, anderz who was still ahead only grinned menacingly glad for a fight

"Kurt can fight battles; you would be surprised how strong he is underneath." Pause smiled

"Pause. He has never dealed with Vechs, why do you think Guude is so worried..? I know him better than anyone. And you know our... History" Pause gave a small smirk "shut up. He knows about us! Kurt can't handle Vechs. His mind games... "

Pause slowed his walking slightly as his brain began to comprehend the information he had been given. "You... What... He..." Zisteau nodded looking grave as the natives face dropped to mirror his expression of worry "we will protect them, Zisteau. Power of love and all that" Zisteau sighed at the pathetic joke but gave a small smile humored. We have to protect them.

-- two hours passed with the group still traveling towards generics base, Millbee was now at the front of the group with Guude and anderz directing them towards a large hilly area

"Guude, I do not like this playing ground" Zisteau admitted slowly as he jogged towards the front of the group his eyes grasping ever detail. If generik had the higher ground especially with withers... Well the chances where not good. They needed Generik on their level.
Guude nodded looking slightly worried "I was thinking the same thing, we have to draw attention. Make them... If you’re right... Come investigate...” Guude looked around quietly as Millbee paused scanning the mountain before pointing and whispering to anderz who nodded enthusiastically grinning.
"Generik's cave is up there" anderz explained to the confused faces surrounding him now "Millbee said how he built a tunnel to get down. We could use it to get them to chase us down"
"They wouldn't chase us"
The group nodded in agreement, Generik was t stupid enough to chase one of the groups who were out to kill... However everyone silently turned to Millbee who gulped loudly at the many eyes now set on him... I should have known this would happen...

"Fine...” Millbee sighed "where do you want him? Where should I meet you guys, I can't wear armor to run up and down...” Millbee explained feeling slightly worried now, as mc gave him a small pat on the back
"Give me your stuff, I will hide over there by the trees, the guys here can distract in the clearing. Should give us enough time to get sorted" mc explained to Guude and Millbee, both nodded in agreement as did Zisteau and anderz.
As Millbee slowly took off his armor mc sat behind a low growing tree placing it in neat piles "good luck, remember straight here...” Mc grinned as Millbee only rolled his eyes as he pulled off both iron boots. He sighed as he looked down at his armor and bag of essentials before he picked up some bread and munching on it to relive some hunger... He turned slowly as a hand grabbed his shoulder he turned slowly into the face of MC who was grinning, quickly giving him a quick peck on the lips before turning him around and pushing him towards the hole in the mountain. Millbee only shook his head grinning weirdo... Heh...

Zisteau sighed as they sat in wait, Millbee had left them five minutes ago, from what he could estimate he would arrive at the cave entrance soon.. I wonder if we will hear if they are coming... Or if Millbee distracted them. "ORANGE WOOOOOOOL!!!"
Zisteau jolted from his mind looking up at the cave which was now a flurry of activity. Dust was kicking up and the birds had begun to fly from the trees, he could here MC's chuckle from a mile away. He sighed... Only Millbee... Zisteau motioned to anderz who nodded beginning to lead his assault, anderz was the first group, main artarray and sword fighters. Guude was second. Backup with a few potions that Nebris had... Somehow got a hold of... Zisteaus squad was a mix of the archers and the few least confident swordsmen, relying on surprise and support, staying out of main battle and clearing the outer of anyone who might cause trouble or had been left by the first two groups
Zisteau motioned to Etho and Pause who nodded Pause climbed agilely to her perch in a tree drawing his bow and a few arrows, hidden from view. Etho was on the ground, both bowman and a sword fighter, he was one of the people who were the best multiskillers. Millbee was second with the bow given time to get ready.
Everyone tensed; the whole forest became silent as they heard footsteps rumbling down the stairs, there was a lot of shouting and confusion. Millbee eventually darted up looking terrified but waving a few torches... He knocked them off? They are in darkness perfect Millbee!!! Zisteau grinned as he watched the Welshman run into cover as a foot stepped into the light. A zombie groaned pushed out by a few other monsters including a creeper none burned, they where all. Protected with helmets as they covered their eyes, being undead didn't make them immune to the dark to light transition in their eyes... One zombie shot to the ground a well-placed arrow in his chest laying still, Pause was shooting left right and center, Etho putting down others that hadn't ended up as one hit kills as he tacked around towards the group another few arrows joined the volley, now from another direction. Millbee. Zisteau grinned n satisfaction as bowstrings could be heard from all directions, monsters killed as fast as they could come out. All of them stuck in a tiny choke point

"Shit" Pause exclaimed as a creeper moved into the entry primed... Ready to blow "SSSssssSSSsss" it raged as its body imploded giving way to a large explosion blowing the wall open, creating a larger gap for Vechs soldiers. Anderz group rushed in quickly yelling all the while lacing most of the mobs into a state of shock as they watched these angry humans piling own on them.
As the shock wore off Guude moved forward his team joining with anderz as they slaughtered their way through the zombies and skeletons... Pause was still above shooting arrows, slower now more precision in his aim careful not to hit anything he couldn't be 100% hit on. Zisteau looked around to Etho who was now on the other side of the clearing, avidia and Mykol had drawn their swords ready as well as pakratt. Zisteau gave a low whistle to warn Pause they were running from cover he sprinted out slicing his sword through a zombie’s chest as it moaned pathetically as he kicked it away. He turned to slice the spine of a skeleton aiming at Guudes head before it could let out the shot, beginning his rampage protecting the protectors. He was only getting more worried though
Where the hell is the wither... It can't just be ordinary mobs...
Zisteau backed off from the fight trying to look around, he tried to find, anyone anything out of the ordinary, as he seen a flash of skin and a yellow hat in the background of the trees, he looked around quickly happy everyone could cope he moved off quickly towards the figures, chasing them down feeling his blood burning through his veins as he reached a small clearing
"Wana do the honors?" Generik grinned menacingly as he stepped aside, Zisteau gasped as he seen three withers waiting. Placid... Watching Vechs with Interest as he turned around
"I think we have a visitor...” Vechs mumbled grinning "don't we... Zistykins...” He winked as Zisteau glared at him stepping out from the trees, watching as the air grew darker, the withers shaking ready to go.

"Don’t do this Vechs...” Zisteau growled "I am telling you now. Don't"
Vechs pouted. His arms crossed as Generik sighed looking bored "why not zisty... Awh. You used to be so much fun!" He sighed playfully as Zisteau rolled his eyes
"If this is you being. Jealous. Get over it Vechs you had your chance!"
"I'm not jealous" vetch’s blinked smiling "you'll be mine soon enough..." Vechs shrugged as he grinned at generik who only gave him a bored look
"Kill...” Vechs laughed simply as the withers sprung to life flying towards the group fighting "I'll be back zistykins... Don't go anywhere" he winked as he disappeared slowly like a ghost...

Zisteau glared at generik "come get some." He grinned taking a few steps forward his sword raised as Generik only laughed, quickly ended pearling away into a tree
"It's be more worried about your friends...”

Zisteau looked around Turin got find the hermit who was now hidden in the leaves, he backed up running towards the sound of explosions, he could heard yelling and shouting... He watched as Guude pushed Aldington out the way to swipe his sword at the wither as it fired an explosion at this feet, causing him to be sent flying, anderz was laughing loving it, he grinned as one keeled over allowing him to offer a final blow to its head, Zisteau winced slightly at its cries as it vanished leaving nothing but a shiny jewel which anderz grabbed before pulling out his now and shooting at the other still floating above trying to avoid the many arrows being fired roaring in frustration as pause grinned, his arrow hitting its mark. Zisteau almost pushed himself from the tree, ready to help as Vechs teleported in front. On him, moving just as he attempted to swing his sword

Vechs grinned evilly. His head cocked to the side a small frown on his face wagging a finger "now now... Play nice zistykins...” Vechs teleported again father away,
This continued for over 10 minutes as Zisteau chased each Vechs swinging his sword only for it to disappear and reappear further away, chasing it again. He stopped as he saw Vechs, back turned, on top of a small hill. Zisteau carefully walked around the hill. Shocked to find this Vechs, it had no face... It was.., freely... He blinked as it turned into a smaller blur. Who figures...? Tied up. Zisteau gasped
"Beef! Beef you ok! Bdubs" Zisteau called out afraid to move closer else they disappear again... The look real enough...
Bdubs head moved slightly his eyes opened slightly as he looked at Zisteau before he slumped again passing out.

"Here so fun..." Zisteau turned slowly to see Vechs on top of another hill. This time he wasn't alone

Zisteaus heart skipped a beat Ashe watched Vechs grin madly. A slumped figure in his grasp, Zisteaus heart was nearly beating out his chest as he tried to grasp a better look at the figure as Vechs watched before throwing the figure to his feet, grinning as it gave a small whine of pain
"K... Kurt?" Zisteau asked quietly, curiously as Vechs chuckled again "what the fuck did you do to him you bastard!?"He yelled at his old friend. Who only kept grinning giving a small shrug as he stepped over Kurt’s limp body making sure he hit him with his foot, causing Kurt to cry out in pain again.
"It's pretty simple really... Your mine. You know you are, remember all those lovely nights’ together zistykins?" Vechs asked quietly as he walked forward
"You never wanted anything of a relationship" Zisteau growled feeling himself turning red at the memories
"No I didn't. But I can still give you more..." Vechs laughed as he snapped his fingers teleporting back behind Kurt, who was not curled up in a ball shaking, "I can give you more than that" Vechs finished as he pulled Kurt up by the back of his shirt and coat pulling him to face Zisteau, tears where streaming down his face as Zisteau stood dumbfounded, he was black and blue.. Vechs had done a. Real number on him. Worse was that his eyes had nothing... Nothing but a sympathetic look he couldn't understand
"What the hell did you do to him?" Zisteau grimaced "he doesn't deserve this. It's me you have Beef with."
Vechs only shook his head "no, no in fact he has more to do with it... I don't think you understand your precious little Kurt as much as you think"


Kurt groaned as Vechs dropped him to the ground again, he peered through the small crack in his elbow trying to find an escape route... He had let Zisteau down, he let his guard down, Vechs had just...appeared randomly he Beef and Bdubs had been silently at the campfire bored wondering what the rest of the group when up to when he teleported in.. He had knocked out Beef and Bdubs he kept using them against him... He had let Vechs in his head now what?
"You’re worthless Kurt. You really think you deserve my zistykins? “Vechs had growled in his ear "you couldn't even protect your friends"
He was right, he didn't deserve it...
"I should kill you right now, you know... But I think I can have a little fun with you" Vechs had whispered playfully as Kurt had pulled away trying to turn away from his friends limp bodies, unable to do anything... Frozen...


"So bows your choice zistykins. balls in your court... Do you save your precious Kurt...? Or do you save everyone else and come it’s me...?" Vechs grinned madly head tilted as he drew a small but long sharp knife "if you come with me... Well I can save your friends... Yes I can. And I bet you will be happier" he winked slyly as Zisteau snorted in frustration looking away as he tried to work out something... Same way to win. this was just another super hostile.. Just now. It was life or death.
He sighed as he tried to listen, noticing how quiet it had become... Had they won...? Had they beat the wither? Would the guys be coming here?
"Tick tock tick tock...” Vechs mocked as he watched Zisteau carefully
"How about I kill you?" Zisteau jibed back
"Oh now zistykins... That's a little harsh is it not?" He grinned as he pointed to Kurt was
Zisteau glared, he couldn't attack Vechs without hurting Kurt... There was no way to do anything... He was trapped...
He glanced at Kurt who was a trembling heap, he didn't even want it begin to think of what lies Vechs had fed to him... His mind makes where the worst... They even got me a few times...
Zisteau sighed as he dropped his sword to the ground as he looked at Vechs "I'm all yours...” He said quietly as he watched Kurt’s head snap up his face the picture of distress
"No Zisteau, just get rid of me. It's your chance to get rid of him!" Kurt called as Vechs glared giving him another sharp kick in the gut
"So you finally raise your head! Too late Kurt."
Kurt shook his head trying to pull himself upright to look at Zisteau who was shaking his head gently “I can't hurt you Kurt. I've got to protect you all... Greater good and all that... You don't know what he is capable of...” Kurt shook his head frantically as Vechs gave an evil laugh
"Smart aren't you zistykins... No one likes something more than a hero... "
Zisteau tensed as he heard footsteps behind him, he looked around no one else had noticed... Was it Guude...? Pause... Anderz? He quickly snapped back to reality as he saw a gleam In his peripheral vision, he turned to see Kurt pushing Vechs away struggling as he drew a knife an evil look in his eye
"STOP! The hell you think you’re doing!" Zisteau yelled walking forward, stopping abruptly at Vechs hard look motioning that if he came closer it would end sooner than expected.
"What do you think? You chose me. You don't need him... No one does, do they Kurt...”
Kurt struggled against his grip on his arm pushing, kicking he even tried to swing a punch a t Vechs which unfortunately didn't land...
"You said you wouldn't attack anyone!"
"I never said Kurt. He isn't anyone. He is invisible half the time anyway no one would notice...”
Kurt slumped at his words. His eyes misted over as he turned away he is right...
"Kurt don't listen to him, he is just trying to get into your head!" Zisteau cried as Vechs giggled madly stopping abruptly into a hell of pain

Zisteau looked up to see Pause winking form a tree, he had managed to take the distraction to shoot Vechs, barely missing anything vital just badly cutting through the muscle on his bicep

"What the hell do you think you guys were doing? Going to save your little friend!?" Vechs yelled in anger as Zisteau twisted around to see him... He had to today lost it... He was insane.
Vechs drew the knife slowly as he watched Zisteau grinning "we'll if I can't have you... No one can" he grinned as Zisteaus face turned into realization
"Leave him alone you ass!" Zisteau shouted angrily as he ran forward hoping he could pull Kurt out of the way in time, he was hunch over on his front... His back was to Vechs he was today vulnerable. Zisteau stopped as an arrow whiz zed by his face, another landing at his feet, as he glanced over he could see Generik grinning holding a bow... Not for long as an arrow shot exactly where he was moments before dodging pauses bow as he drew his attention allowing Zisteau to get to Kurt as he turned back he k we it was already too late. Vechs had his knife drawn and he was talking to Kurt, quiet and slow as he shook on the ground slowly Vechs turned to see Zisteau stepping forward his mouth turning into a mad grin along eight he matching chuckle "bye bye zistykins...” He winked as his knife met its mark, in between Kurt’s ribs as he cried out in pain slumping to the ground his hand clutching his side, face twisted in horror as his hand became coated in thick ruby liquid... His own blood. Zisteau charged at Vechs ready to swing before he vanished into in the air... Somewhere. Zisteau turned quickly to Kurt his heart racing” Kurt... Kurt is you ok... Well I know you’re not but... But you will be 'Kay!?" Zisteau blurted out as he dropped to his knees panicking at the pool of blood now surrounding Kurt. His white shirt was slowly turning red, his hands, something from a horror movie, covered in the warm red blood as he carefully pulled them away to inspect the damage.. It was bad... Zisteau fell silent as he pushed his hands down trying to stop some bleeding

"I... Am... What...” Kurt couldn't speak he was in shock. He hadn't paid attention to anything... He had been trapped in his own mind like usual "I... I am sorry...” Kurt cried as Pause ran over face pale he mumbled something about finding doc and the others for a potion, Zisteau only nodded hurriedly as h tried to comprehend a reasonable response
Pause stumbled as he found Guude, the group where gathered around the cliff face. Unable to understand how and why the withers had been so powerful but suddenly so easy,
"Kurt... Kurt’s hurt! Guys we need a potion hurry please"
Guude took a step back "what? How? Kurt... He is at camp...”
Pause just shook his head still gasping for air, just hurry please does anyone have a healing potion left?"
Ermine began to rake around looking in there pouches. Places they could have left them. Mykol silently handed a small red bottle of liquid, it as glowing as the sun, isn’t hit it sparking from glow stone dust used in it.
Pause gasped in happiness "thank you Mykol!" I'm going to run back. Come over if you can... It's ... It's not for weak stomachs...”
Everyone began looking curiously as Guude followed in close persuade with everyone soon mimicking and heading towards a clearing... Guude could feel his stomachs churning as he could hear Zisteau telling Kurt to wake up as pause tried to push him away so he could give Kurt the potion... As he entered the clearing he pushed some of the bushed away stopping at what he seen, feeling everyone crowding around him all watching in horror as Zisteau was shouting Kurt’s name, it was a heartbreaking sound... Kurt’s head was slumped to the side. Lying on Zisteaus lap as he hung over him trying to get a reply. Ignoring Pause who was explaining he had only fainted, there was still a Pulse. Barely.

Doc shook his head grumbling something in his thick accent as he broke through the bushed and made a straight line for Kurt, grabbing the healing potion from Pause and mumbling something to Zisteau who only broke away slowly looking slightly shocked, he sat nearby a worried expression coating his face.

"He isn't dead... Yet...” Doc sighed as he began slowly pouring the healing potion over the wound, behind sure to get it deep inside. Watching as the potion began slowly stopping the blood, and healing the skin to where it was safe, doc began shoving Kurt’s wrist in pauses hand probably something about his pulse.


Guude sighed in relive as he watched doc move from Kurt towards Zisteau putting a hand on his shoulder, he broke out into a half laugh half crying emotion of happiness hugging the German creeper cyborg.
As Guude examined the scene he could see two other bodies slumped by the hedgerow, also invisible like someone had tried hiding them. Guude held his breath as he began to trace his way around towards them, crying out as he saw the inure of Bdoubleo and Beef, knocked out cold and tied together
"Pause! Beef is here come help me!" Guude shouted as Pause instantly came to his side gasping his face a look of horror as he finally noticed his two friends
"How the hell..." Pause mumbled as he pulled a knife out and began cutting at the ropes, grabbing Beef as they gave away, Guude grabbed Bdoubleo shaking him gently trying to wake him up "boo... Boo c’mon wake up guy" he mumbled quietly listening as Beef began to grumble, he watched as Pause elated pure joy giving his friend a hug pulling him closer
"Bdubs. C’mon" Guude said louder as he shook his friend more, slightly terrified, until he slowly shook his head and mumbled slowly, opening his brown eyes slightly disorientated
"Wha... Where... Am I?" He asked as he. Looked up to Guude, and around to Beef and Pause hugging and laughing happily as well as the ropes on the ground. "Eh... What...” Bdubs asked curiously as he picked up the rope giving Guude a slightly disgusted look
Guude only chuckled pulling him in for a hug
"You probably wouldn't believe me if I told you Boo...” He laughed as Pause and Beef wolf whistled playfully.

Zisteau sighed as he watched the amusement of everyone as he sat in the clearings center holding onto Kurt’s hand watching his breathing slowly returning to a normal less lay bored pace as his would healed. He was still out cold but he took happiness in the knowledge he would live to see another day. His blood only ran colder as he thought back to the event. Kurt never stood a chance. Zisteau couldn't help feeling guilty he had dragged him into it. Yes he had come out of the fight unscathed... Kurt had almost lost his life. He was thrown back into reality as he felt a small amount of movement by his leg

"Zis... Zisteau?" Kurt mumbled "I... I thought... Am I dead or something?" He asked completely bamboozled
"Your fine Kurt... Soils everyone... No you’re not dead... You were close thought, don't think I'd let you leave me so easy huh?" Zisteau replied faking a small smile
"I'm sorry...” Kurt sighed as he tried to get up but tumbling back onto Zisteaus legs again as pain shot thought his side. H caught his breath at the crimson pool he was lying by, his shirt a matching shade "I...I shouldn't of made everyone worry"
Zisteau gave a small laugh much to Kurt’s confusion "worry? God Kurt... I'm going to have my work cut out protecting you aren’t I?"

Kurt gave a small smile as doc came over with a smile giving Zisteau a indication to pull him up, he winced slightly at the movement but felt much better upright. His injured left side held up by Zisteau, who was the only one near tall enough to help. He looked around to see Pause and Beef, Guude and Bdubs in similar positions as they began to limp towards spawn.


Over the next few days Kurt only caught glimpses of the fight, Zisteau told him as much as he could remember, but the one gleaming fact was Generik and Vechs had got away alive.. Thought his fact hung over the group like a huge cloud they had still began to move into spawn, Pyro and doc where already beginning plans on thematic shields...
And much to Bdubs happiness he was not the only one bandaged up, thought the healing potion had done most of the work, not everything was fully healed just yet for Kurt. As everyone discussed plans. They had decided it was better for two per house now, if anything happened someone could help or get help.

This had caused everyone to split up into... Unusual pairings for some
Kurt who had no home at spawn was more than happy with Zisteaus offer of a spare bed... Maybe even a shared one... Well from as much of Zisetaus innuendos he could figure out anyway...
Guude and Bdoubleo and Pause and Beef had been obvious choices, just as much as mc and Millbee or Mhykol and avidia. Thou Baj supplied everyone by offering his home to the ramped Viking.

Kurt sighed as he and zisteau walked back from the latest meeting, his head was spinning on information as well as healing. Zisteau only smiled and as he wraps his arms around him placing his chin on Kurt’s shoulder "I'd get used to this Kurt" he chuckled, watching Kurt he could easily pick out feelings... Even he was feeling slightly overwhelmed. "It's just the beginning I suppose...” He grinned as Kurt shrugged turning his head to give Zisteau a quick kiss.


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